City Planning

The Entiat Planning Department is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the current and long-range land use plans through administration of the policies and regulations established by the Entiat City Council in compliance with State and Federal Laws.  The Planning Department also, process, reviews and prepares reports on various types of development and land use applications and has the authority to approve administrative permits, make SEPA Threshold Determinations and work with citizens and applicants to interpret and enforce the Entiat Municipal Code (EMC).

The Building Division, in partnership with the community continues to provide structural and safety protection for the occupants of existing and new structures, using adopted construction codes.  This department also strives to preserve the integrity of neighborhood environments, resulting in a higher quality of life.

The Building Division is responsible for the enforcement of state-mandate laws and International Building Codes (IBC), plan review for code compliance, permit issuance, maintenance of permit records, plans and submitting building activity reports to the state, county and other agencies.  Building inspection is provided to ensure building construction compliance with electrical plumbing, mechanical, handicap, energy and state safety laws and City ordinances.  Overall, the Building Division focuses on promoting awareness of codes relative to fire, life and safety and enforcement of those codes.

To contact the Business &  Community Development please use the information below:

Mark Botello
Community Development Director

Frank Spaun
City Building Inspector