To discover more about the various department at the City of Entiat, what they do, and who to contact within the department, follow the left navigation to your desired department. Listed below is the full staff directory.

John Alt II - Mayor
Phone:  509-784-1500

Mark Botello- Community Development Director
Phone: 509-782-1500

Debbie de la Mora - Clerk/ Treasurer
Phone: 509-784-1500

Steve Smith - City Attorney (Consultant)

Larry Cordes - City Engineer (Consultant)

Frank Spaun - Building Inspector
Phone: 509-784-1500

James Brooks - Field Supervisor/Code Enforcement
Phone: 509-679-1527

Mike Herdt - Public Works Director
Phone: 509-784-1500

Patrick Diehm - Utility/Maintenance
Phone: 509-784-1500

Dallas Gibson - Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Phone: 509-784-1500