Snow and Ice have arrived!

Winter is upon us!  For the safety of all our citizens, our city plows need to have full access to the whole road in order to keep them clean of snow and ice.  Please remember that we all need to keep the garbage cans and vehicles off our roads. Per City Code there are to be NO vehicles parked on the road for more than a 24 hour period and your garbage cans need to be placed on the sidealk or on your property near the road.  Please be considerate of all our citizens and help us ensure that we are all safe on our roads.  Happy Winter!!

{CODE #10-30-020 Cars parked for more than 24 hours.}
**It shall be unlawful for any vehicle or recreation vehicle such as water sports, camper or trailers to remain on any street or alley within the city limits of Entiat for more than 24 hours in the same location.  This provision is established to facilitate snow removal and street sweeping by the public works department and/or contracted agencies.**